2015 Winter Yoga Tunes

A new season, another new yoga playlist.  I am a bit behind in sharing this winter playlist - but better a little late than never.  You can listen to  2014 Winter Yoga Tunes for free on Spotify.  Check out my past playlists here. Do you have a favorite song or playlist to practice yoga to?


YOGA TEACHER TRAINING WEEK 2 | vanilla & velvet This week we did a lot of “the same but different”, as my teacher likes to say when we are moving through similar postures with slight tweaks. We continued to move our way up the bodies anatomy, broke down several more postures and learned more about the history of yoga. There is so much information to absorb that it is clearer to me now than ever that you really are a yoga student for life.  As I learn new information I keep trying to remind myself to enjoy this moment of new learning’s and to be ok with not knowing everything.  We often reach to place a check mark next to one of our goals that we miss the moments in between This week we were given 2 new challenges Challenge 1: thirty minutes of home yoga practice a day + journaling. My teachers assigned us this new challenge to get us on the matt and experimenting with our own practice. I am excited to do this challenge because I would say my home practice is one of the weaker parts of my yoga practice. I find it difficult to not get distracted in my own home and to just be still. So this extra motivation is exactly what i need to make my home practice a habit. To help myself with this challenge I signed up for an account with YogaGlo. I can’t believe I didn’t have an account sooner and highly recommend it to anyone, beginner or expert. I follow several of the teachers on Instagram, like Karthryn Budig, and am very excited to start practicing with them at home. Challenge 2: Record myself in different postures and sequences. Oh boy, this one is out of my comfort zone. I’ve never spent much time in front of the camera, but I guess this is the perfect time—in my own home... alone. Let’s see how this goes and maybe one day I will share some with you. Or who knows I might love it and share lots!

GIVEAWAY / #ShareGoodness – NOW CLOSED

GIVEAWAY / #ShareGoodness | Vanilla & Velvet

I am so excited about today’s giveaway!  Yoga lovers you won't want to miss this one.

Zoës Kitchen, a fast casual restaurant concept serving a distinct menu of Mediterranean-inspired dishes,  is running a Summer of Goodness program. This campaign aims to inspire people to do good and then share their good deeds through #sharegoodness.  Zoës Kitchen hopes to inspire other to live a balanced lifestyle by staying positive, being active, and eating healthy, high quality foods that make you feel good from the inside out.  And now they want to share some of that goodness with Vanilla & Velvet readers by giving away a Yoga Package filled with several goodies including: lululemon 105 F Singlet Yoga Top, The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga, Manduka Recycled Foam Block, lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband, a Zoës Kitchen gift card and other fun items.

To enter to win, you simply have to participate in Zoës Summer of Goodness program by sharing an act of kindness you performed on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram with the hastag #sharegoodness then come back here and share your act of kindness in the comments section below.  I will randomly choose the lucky winner on Tuesday (8/5).

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for playing!

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New to Yoga? What to Look for in a Studio

As an active yogi I often hear about peoples first yoga experiences. It makes me cringe when I discover a first timers class was not true yoga, but instead a class called "Yoga" that incorporated yoga postures without breath and alignment. These conversations usually end with the first timer having a bad experience, a funny story, or an injury. So how do you…

My Favorite FREE Online Yoga Class Resources

Yoga is a large part of my weekly life and life gets busy so some weeks I can't make it to the studio.  For those weeks, there is an enormous amount of online yoga sources online, some free and some subscription based.  Since I pay for classes at studios I cant justify paying for yoga at home.  Lucky for me…

Want, Love, Do, Wear, Read – July

Want: Metal Accordion side table from Urban Outfitters- actually just purchased this one and waiting for it to arrive.  I couldn't pass up the amazing reviews and we are in desperate need of some side tables at the new place. Love:  Go With The Flow Yoga - this is my latest at home yoga routine/addiction- Tori and Ben are adorable and I just…

A Few of My Favorite Yoga Products

I have been practicing yoga for 8 years now and didn't start investing in the gear until 2 years ago.   Now that I have switched over to fast dry fabrics and grippy mats I can not fathom how I wore cotton spandex and t-shirts  while sliding around on a slippery matt for 6 years. Yoga Tanks: Spiritual Gangster.  I love…
Bits & Pieces

Yoga + Beer

What goes better together than yoga and beer? Normally, my answer would be “just about anything”.  However, I just got back from attending a yoga class at the Sun King Brewery and if someone asked me this question right now my answer would be “Nothing!” A little beer tasting post a fun yoga class is hard to top. The Sunking Brewery is located in a warehouse downtown Indianapolis, it is a large open space exploding with smells of what I imagine to be roasted barley, but I’m no beer expert so the smell might be generated from something else completely…  I love practicing yoga in new spaces- from the beaches in Italy to a roofless church in New Harmony– and this has to be one of the most unique environments I have practiced in.  There is something exhilarating about practicing in a new environment or even just outside of your enclosed studio walls.  It brings on new sensations and I find it creates an openness that is nonexistent when practicing in a familiar place, I think this is because you have to be open to the new experience, the new smells, sounds, environment etc.
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