yoga playlist


2015 Winter Yoga Tunes

A new season, another new yoga playlist.  I am a bit behind in sharing this winter playlist - but better a little late than never.  You can listen to  2014 Winter Yoga Tunes for free on Spotify.  Check out my past playlists here. Do you have a favorite song or playlist to practice yoga to?

2014 Summer Yoga Tunes

Here is round 2 of my yoga tunes for the season.  The playlist is about an hour long with a slow start/end and an upbeat middle.  Hope it serves you well on the mat!  Click here to check out my winter yoga tunes playlist. Do you have any favorite songs you like to practice to?

2013 Winter Yoga Tunes

Yoga and music just go together. A good playlist can make a yoga session stand above the rest- I find the music unites a class in power and breath, giving you that extra push to go beyond the limits you set for yourself in the past. I constantly dabble around with my yoga playlist- but here is one thats consistently…