Chocolate Espresso Cookies

It was one of those days where I woke up thinking of chocolate... yes this happens often.  A little morning and a little chocolate so why not a coffee and chocolate combination.  I found this recipe on PetiteKitchenesse a few months ago and marked it because these cookies looked magnificent and the ingredients were simple.  And WOW were these gooey chocolate espresso cookies good especially if you undercook them a touch and add a little vanilla ice cream.


#1 Best Lasagna Recipe

As I start my first city job one of my goals is to make meals on the weekend that I can freeze to reheat for the week.  The first freeze friendly meal I tackled was lasagna. Now I was a child raised on Stouffer's lasagna so take my next few words as you will..  It was FANTASTIC!  I must confess when searching for a recipe this one stood out because... drum roll... it was called #1 Best Lasagna Recipe.  Trust me you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Mason Jar Organizer – DIY

I love organization.   I have dividers in my bathroom drawers and I color coordinate my closet.  Everything needs to have a place and I will fidget with it until it is easy- even the junk drawer.  So obviously anything that gets items off the counter and is still easy to access for everyday use is a HUGE YES for me.  This DIY Mason Jar Organizer does just that!  Gets clutter off the counter and out of the cabinets in a cute and organized way, while making it easy to access.

I do wish I would have spent more time searching for fun antique mason jars but I was on a timeline before the big move to Indianapolis so i just bought these short mason ball jars at Walmart.  If you have time, here is a great article on places to find mason jars for a good price 5 Places to Find Free or Cheap Mason jars.

A little of Africa

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania on a Safari.  If you've never thought about going on a safari then get it on your bucket list NOW.  It was the most incredible trip I have ever been on! We booked our trip with Unique Safari, I would highly recommend them.  Ask for Fazal to be your guide!  Itinerary: Amsterdam (3 days)…

Rolo Pretzel Turtles

These amazing Rolo Pretzel Turtles were discovered by my mother a few years back.  They are super easy to make and extremely delicious.   I usually only make these little treats in the fall/winter for holiday parties so they remind me of family and happy times.  Did I mention these are SUPER EASY to make?  Only 3 ingredients are needed: Rolos, pretzels and pecans.

My only warning is stand by the oven when they are cooking-- they only take a few minutes. And find a friend to help you unwrap the Rolos.  Let me know what you think!