Jeweler’s Chest Turned Jewelry Box – DIY

When it comes to organizing jewelry I have tried everything from hanging jewelry on nails, ice cube trays, several small bowls, various jewelry boxes and a hanging jewelry organizer.  Every time my jewelry has ended up tangled, hidden, lost, broken or it takes up too much space.  Once I found this old jewelers chest tucked away in the back of my basement I knew it was perfect for storing my jewelry today.  My grandfather, who was a watchmaker, made the jeweler's chest and must have worked at it for many years. I love the idea of making it into something that I too will use everyday.

Pesto Vegetable Pizza

I am obsessed with goat cheese and pesto.  I constantly catch myself scanning menus for one of the 2 ingredients and I'm always searching through recipes for a way to incorporate them into my meal.  So when I came across this Pesto Vegetable Pizza recipe i was ecstatic!  To my disappointment Greg was not as excited about the pizza as I was.  He claimed goat cheese was mehh and he didn't care for zucchini or squash. I cut the vegetables super thin and only put goat cheese on half the pizza per his request however, he didn't seem to mind the goat cheese or vegetables as he reached for slice two and three while saying it tasted like something from a fancy restaurant.  Success!


Vanilla Almond Cupcakes with Maple Frosting

I had to test out some of Ming's cupcake recipes after coming across the blog Ming Makes Cupcakes.  The decision of which cupcake to try first was a difficult one because all of her cupcakes look absolutely scrumptious! I decided to first try the Vanilla Almond Cupcakes with Maple Frosting because I am a sucker for breakfast and it was a great excuse to try making almond meal. Ming, thank you for  creating and sharing this little piece of heaven.  These are one of the best cupcakes I have ever eaten-  they just melt in your mouth!

Recover a Chair – DIY

I inherited these fantastic fruitwood chairs from our family friends.  All they needed was a little love with new padding and fabric.  I must admit this was my first time recovering chairs but, with help from my experienced mother I was successful and ended up with beautiful new chairs.


Sweet and Salty Pork Chops

Growing up these Sweet and Salty Pork Chops were a family favorite.  My sister shunned red meat and fish for a good 10 years so pork chops were one of the only meats she would eat other than chicken.  My poor mother... i don't know how she survived cooking chicken and potatoes for EVERY meal.

I am not someone to reach away from a dipping sauce but these chops need no help.  The sweet and salty marinade is flavorful enough on its own. Im getting hungry jus thinking about them!


Pretty Amazing Purple Skirt

Took these shots in Wicker Park while visiting my lovely ladies in Chicago.  I refer to the skirt as my "Kim Kardashian" skirt.  However I "Kim-ed" it down with an old t-shirt, flowy hair and casual accessories. The weekend was filled with the best of friends, 2 adorable breakfast joints (Longman & Eagle and  Milk & Honey Cafe), several gin…

Banana Bread + Chocolate Chips

There is one thing you should know about me before you start reading my recipes and notice a common trend.  I LOVE bananas, always have.  I think it is their neutral taste.  Perfect for the morning.  Perfect for a snack.  Perfect for dessert when you are tricking yourself into thinking you are eating a huge mountain of ice cream and half of it is cut up bananas (I highly recommend trying this).  It is the perfect food.

So clearly one of a banana lovers favorite foods would be... banana bread!

Therefore I am on a quest.  A quest to find the best banana bread recipe out there.  I usually make my mom's banana bread, but I decided to explore around... to make sure i'm not missing out on any amazing recipes!  The first recipe I tackled was from the lovely blog of SmittenKitchen