Bits & Pieces

Swinging from the Chandalier

I have owned a chandelier for 1 year, 2 months and it just now made it above my table, where it belongs.  I spent an entire year dreaming of owning a chandelier for my apartment after graduation.  Becoming obsessed with the idea I found one and purchased it.  She sat and waited, in a closet, until the day I graduated, entered the working world and moved into an apartment.  Instead of being immediately hung she sat in a corner for 3 months until this weekend my darling brother came and hung her for all to see.


Guest Post: Chicken, Mango, Avocado and Rice Salad

Hello, Lindsay here. It's a pretty well-known fact that I am obsessed with cilantro. This salad combines my favorite herb with both sweet and savory ingredients and makes an awesome, light, summery meal. With just a little bit of chopping, this salad comes together in no time and makes a great lunch to bring to the office!

The Best Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

Psssst.  This is the best chocolate cake.  EVER! What makes the perfect chocolate cake? Glad you asked.
  1. It is delicious
  2. Ridiculously easy to make
  3. No need for icing, syrup, or frosting
  4. Easy to freeze and reheat
  5. Even more delicious after microwaved + ice cream

This cake is right around perfection and great to have on hand in the freezer to eat in chocolate emergencies.


How to Paint a Mirror – DIY

Over the weekend I painted a boring brown mirror to a fun shade of mint green.  The best part about painting a mirror is you don't have to tape it off and you can be messy.   Any access paint that ends up on the mirror can be easily scrapped off!

Eggs in a Muffin Pan

I have a confession: I have not been to the grocery store in over a month!  (one of the luxuries of cooking for one)

With supplies running low and only a few items in the fridge I was able to create an easy breakfast meal out of just 4 ingredients: egg, tortilla, sausage, and cheese.  These muffin pan eggs were extremely easy and quick to make- a great meal for when you have a group over for breakfast.  And fun too- everyone can fill their egg cup with their favorite ingredients!


Fourteen Carat Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

I bring to you my family friends famous Carrot Cake.   I tasted this cake for the first time at a high school graduation party and for 5 years I couldn't find a carrot cake that compared.  This friend is know for being an amazing baker and for keeping her recipes a secret so obtaining this recipe was not an easy task!  The secret to the carrot cake is the extra moisture and sweetness from a can of undrained crushed pineapple. The cake is much too delicious to not share so here you are. Cherish it!