Yoga Teacher Training 11/14

Yoga Teacher Training 11/14 | Vanilla & Velvet Worn: Wunder Under Pant *Full-On Luon, Lululemon.  Cool Racorback, Lululemon. The Matt, Lululemon. Pose: Handstand or Adho Mukha Vrikshasana (sanscrit).  adho= face. mukha = downward. vrksa = tree I was a bit ambitious thinking I could recap yoga teacher training each week while I am in training all weekend and studying/practice takes up 100% of my free time during the week.  The last weekend is here and I have missed several weeks... Hearing all of your stories about how my posts have encouraged you to take up yoga or increase your yoga practice makes me extremely happy (keep sharing!) and has made me realize I need to continue expanding out the yoga section of the blog. Which I am crazy excited about! Because as I continue learning about yoga I want to inspire and educate all of you on the benefits and how developing a practice can change your life. Shall we call it Vanilla, Velvet & Vinyasa? Something to think about... So although my teacher training class ends this Sunday, I plan to build out the blog to cover more yoga topics.  Please let me know if there are any topics you want to see, or if you have any questions about yoga.  Share in the comments section.


Want: Alpaca Long Classic Cape Coat, by Cuyana - I love how simple and timeless this cape is. Love: I have created a new habit of practicing YogaGlo at least 3 times a week.  Provides me with inspiration and extra motivation when my home practice is feeling blah or I just don't feel like doing much thinking. + they have the best teachers! Do: …


WANT, LOVE, DO, WEAR, READ – 9.29 | Vanilla & Velvet
  • Want: I heard about the Omorovicza skin care products a few weeks ago from a trusted friend that worked as an Esthetician for many years and he swore by this brand.  Ever since I can't stop wanting to try their products. I failed to find them in store, so I might splurge and order the introductory package online.  Who wouldn't want the healing properties of Hungary’s thermal waters nourishing their skin?
  • Love: My friends hidden secret to jamming on the cheap in Atlanta.  The website Concrete Jungle, it features a Food Map that tells you where you can find fresh fruit in Atlanta!
  • Do: A new yoga teacher training challenge-- 30 minutes of yoga at home every day + journaling about it.
  • Wear: Athleta Go Time Tank in black to yoga class, casually during the day or out at night... pretty much any excuse I get.
  • Read: I am a bit late to the game, but finally reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green -  a beautiful story thus far.

Yoga Teacher Training Week 1

Yoga Teacher Training Week 1 | Vanilla & Velvet I have been receiving a lot of questions about how yoga teacher training is going.  So I am going to introduce a special weekly series for the duration of my yoga teacher training.  To keep you all updated and hopefully  inspire some of you to pursue your own practice or even your own teacher training! Yoga teacher training started this past Friday and so far my excitement for the training is trumping all other emotions. I have been trying to take  teacher training for a couple years now, but as we walk through the syllabus and dig into subjects I know that now is the right time -- each year my practice and knowledge of yoga has grown and i'm afraid if I would have taken training earlier on I would have been overwhelmed by all the content. A glimpse of yoga teacher training week 1:
  • Started each class with a 2 hour asana (posture) practice
  • Ended each day with a meditation or light practice
  • Learned about the history of yoga - with a special emphasis on the roots of Iyengar and Ashtanga and how it came to the US.
  • Broke down a handful of different poses including proper alignment, lines of energy, benefits of the posture, common injuries, adjustments, alternatives for different levels, use of props and more.
  • Began covering the basics of anatomy - learned about our bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and how they all work together
  • Lots of reading from handouts and the lovely books you see above
  • I started a yoga journal
 Favorite quote from week 1:  What is Yoga? "The yoking of all the powers of the body, mind, and soul…It means the disciplining of the intellect, the mind, the emotions, the will… it means a poise of the soul which enables one to look at life in all its aspects evenly” Mahadev Desai describing what yoga is.

Beauty Routine – Nails

Beauty Routine – Nails | Vanilla & Velvet
  • one. 800 Acres Olive Oil Body Balm in lavender, I love using this body balm on my hands and feet before bed, not only is the lavender smell relaxing to fall asleep to, but it does wonders keeping my nails and cuticles healthy.
  • two. OPI Nail Lacquer in Scores A Goal, I love dark nails, and this is my current favorite for fall
  • three. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat is my go to top coat - dries fast, easy to apply and keeps polish on for a long time.  What more could you ask for?
  • four. Tweezerman LTD Cuticle Nipper is my favorite tool, a little snip snip and your cuticles are in the right place and the awful dry skin around nails is gone.
  • five. Essie Nail Polish in Dress Kilt another favorite color for fall, more of a classic red but still with some dark hues.
  • six. OPI Ridge Filler a wonderful base coat, especially when it comes to painting my toes.  Things always look questionable down there, but this ridge filler does a great job of disguising imperfections and providing a smooth surface to work with.

Our Home: Kitchen

Not sure why I haven't shared photographs of our kitchen earlier - It's looked the same for about a year.  I wouldn't call it my dream kitchen, but its great for a rented space -- with a functional, open concept design and great working appliances. There are a few things I have learned from this kitchen that I will take with me when looking to buy/renovate:…

One Last Relaxing Beach Weekend

One Last Relaxing Beach Weekend | Vanilla & Velvet I have been trying to enjoy every last moment of the few free weekends I have left before Yoga Teacher Training begins in early September.  I couldn't be more excited to start class and completely immerse myself in yoga, but I am going to miss my lazy weekend mornings and free afternoons to spend walking the Beltline, wondering around farmers markets and soaking up rays at the pool.  Last weekend we decided to advantage of a no plans weekend and  crash Greg's parents vacation in Destin, Florida.  We had a lovely time in Destin at Miramar Beach-  actually I can't believe we haven't made a trip in the summer before.  It was just a quick 5 hour drive,  the ocean was unbelievable clear, the sand was flawless and the water temperature was perfect. I  hope we turn this into a yearly trip! Once September starts I will be opening a new leaf, and a rather busy one at that.  I will be adding my first Emory MBA class to my schedule, one evening a week, and yoga teacher training class at Hotlanta Yoga on Friday evenings,  20 hours of class on the weekend, and I will be required to attend 3 yoga classes a week and assist one of the teachers in one class a week.  See what  I mean? A complete Yoga immersion for 3 months!  I can't wait! One Last Relaxing Beach Weekend | Vanilla & Velvet One Last Relaxing Beach Weekend | Vanilla & Velvet One Last Relaxing Beach Weekend | Vanilla & Velvet After completing Yoga teacher training I will be certified under Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers at the 200 hour level. (RYT-200) Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. It sets standards and provides credentials that are the premier form of recognition for yoga teachers and teacher-training programs. 


Want: A handful of stackable rings from Another feather.  I really like the look of the gold Arch Ring mixed with an assortment of Crest Rings. Love: This weekend my friend Drew and I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and it was absolutely beautiful -- my favorite section being the herb garden wall and orchid greenhouse.  Highly recommend stopping by if you are visiting Atlanta or just wondering around…