Swinging from the Chandalier

I have owned a chandelier for 1 year, 2 months and it just now made it above my table, where it belongs.  I spent an entire year dreaming of owning a chandelier for my apartment after graduation.  Becoming obsessed with the idea I found one and purchased it.  She sat and waited, in a closet, until the day I graduated, entered the working world and moved into an apartment.  Instead of being immediately hung she sat in a corner for 3 months until this weekend my darling brother came and hung her for all to see.

A little of Africa

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania on a Safari.  If you've never thought about going on a safari then get it on your bucket list NOW.  It was the most incredible trip I have ever been on! We booked our trip with Unique Safari, I would highly recommend them.  Ask for Fazal to be your guide!  Itinerary: Amsterdam (3 days)…