Bits & Pieces

Confessions of an Apartment Hunting Addiction

There are lots of highs and lows to searching for a new place to live and in my case they are all extremes- i cant help it.  I just get incredibly way too excited when I find what looks like the perfect house/apartment/condo on Craigslist, HotPads, Zillow or whatever apartment site I am using at that moment (I use them all).

Time for the confession... I am easily susceptible to Craigslist addictions.


A few months back Greg and I check out the new BeltLine in Atlanta (side note: its spectacular, you must check it out!).  They have a cool art instillation project along it and naturally I got extremely giddy slash excited when I saw a interactive art piece where you could write on a ribbon and tie it up for other BeltLine walkers to see.  I carefully picked the words "Monster Shout Out To Greg!"- our favorite quote form the movie The Sitter and Greg wrote "GK ♥ GM... Monster Shout Out!" incorporating The Sitter quote once again for extra emphasis. Well GK ♥ GM, GM ♥'s you too for 7 years and counting!  Oh and by the way readers I'm moving to Atlanta in May to be with Greg...

p.s. happy valentines day.

Yoga + Beer

What goes better together than yoga and beer? Normally, my answer would be “just about anything”.  However, I just got back from attending a yoga class at the Sun King Brewery and if someone asked me this question right now my answer would be “Nothing!” A little beer tasting post a fun yoga class is hard to top. The Sunking Brewery is located in a warehouse downtown Indianapolis, it is a large open space exploding with smells of what I imagine to be roasted barley, but I’m no beer expert so the smell might be generated from something else completely…  I love practicing yoga in new spaces- from the beaches in Italy to a roofless church in New Harmony– and this has to be one of the most unique environments I have practiced in.  There is something exhilarating about practicing in a new environment or even just outside of your enclosed studio walls.  It brings on new sensations and I find it creates an openness that is nonexistent when practicing in a familiar place, I think this is because you have to be open to the new experience, the new smells, sounds, environment etc.

Jar Addiction

My fascination with jars began a year ago when I found 2 blue ball jars at an antique shop in Cleveland.  The jar obsession grew when I made this DIY Mason Jar Holder to hold everyday bathroom items like q-tips and cotton balls.  And kept growing when I discovered that if I put healthy items in jars like nuts, quinoa, and oats (ignore the peanut m&m’s) I would be more likely to grab for a jar of nuts than an ugly bag of chips.  What can i say- I'm a sucker for a beautiful display (marketer at heart)!  i also love to buy in bulk so I use the jars to keep a small amount out to access easily

My uncle found out about my love of old jars and has been quick to add some cool pieces to my collection that once belonged to his parents- Thanks Scott!

2013 New Year’s Resolutions

I originally wasn't going to make 2013 New Year's resolutions.  Over the years I have built a negative association with them-- I always hear of people setting unrealistic goals and failing in the first month or two.  But, after letting a couple weeks of resolution observing go by I naturally started thinking of what I want to accomplish and work toward in 2013.  Then I thought writing them down would be a good way to hold myself accountable and to remind myself of items I want to make a part of my life style- not just for 2013.  This list is intended to help me become a better person, continue trying new things and doing things I currently love.