Beauty Routine

Beatuty Routine – Face

one. Bobbi Brown, Hydrating Face Cream - SPF 25 - In the last year I noticed how important a base layer of lotion is before applying foundation.  I switch between several different brands, but I really love this Bobbi Brown face cream.  Whatever you go with make sure there is spf in it! two. Laura Mercier, Secret Camouflage - my hidden undereye…

Beauty Routine – Nails

Beauty Routine – Nails | Vanilla & Velvet
  • one. 800 Acres Olive Oil Body Balm in lavender, I love using this body balm on my hands and feet before bed, not only is the lavender smell relaxing to fall asleep to, but it does wonders keeping my nails and cuticles healthy.
  • two. OPI Nail Lacquer in Scores A Goal, I love dark nails, and this is my current favorite for fall
  • three. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat is my go to top coat - dries fast, easy to apply and keeps polish on for a long time.  What more could you ask for?
  • four. Tweezerman LTD Cuticle Nipper is my favorite tool, a little snip snip and your cuticles are in the right place and the awful dry skin around nails is gone.
  • five. Essie Nail Polish in Dress Kilt another favorite color for fall, more of a classic red but still with some dark hues.
  • six. OPI Ridge Filler a wonderful base coat, especially when it comes to painting my toes.  Things always look questionable down there, but this ridge filler does a great job of disguising imperfections and providing a smooth surface to work with.

Beauty Routine – Eyes

one. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in intense black is my go to liner for a cat eye.  The liner has a great tip that makes it easy to apply and stays on all day. two. Mirabella Pick 4 Colour Palette is my favorite brand for eye shadows.  They have amazing colors that are great for blending. three. MAC Eye Shadow Matte in the color…

Beauty Routine- Lips

one.  Nars, Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Cruella: These velvet lip pencils have replaced all of my lipsticks - I find the color stays on for much longer than normal lipsticks.  And to add moisture or a touch of shimmer I just coat with a gloss. two. Fresh sugar Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment: makes my lips feel like butter - seriously,…

Beauty Routine- Shower

one. Neutrogena, Acne Stress Control, Power-Clear Scrub: My go to face wash for 3 years- I try to mix it up but I keep coming back for more. two. Bioelements, Pumice Peel: I use this pumice peel about once a week and gently scrub my face for about 3 minutes.  Once rinsed off my face is silky smooth and fresh. three. Gillete, Venus…

Beauty Routine- Hair Products

I'd like to introduce a new series called "Beauty Routine".  Since I was young I have loved products - so much that there is a point in my life where I banned myself from purchasing new products for 2 years (lotion, shampoo, nail polish, mascara, hair spray...) just so i would use what I had.  Today, I only allow myself…