Coconut Fudgesicles with a Healthy Twist

What's that you say?  Popsicles made out of black beans?  Wait! Hold all judgements. If I didn't just tell you black beans were in these delicious fudgy pops than you would have no idea!  These healthy little pops are magnificent and the coconut flakes + black bean skins make for an amazing texture explosion in your mouth.  I must warn…

Tofu & Eggplant Noodles

Post move I have been attempting to bump up my health game.  The excessive amount of eating out pre-move due to an empty fridge was not good to the body.  Plus the additional eating out from meeting up with friends to say good bye- like I said not good.  So any meal I can pack with veggies is fair game + my…

My Perfect Banana Bread

I originally wasn't planning on posting this banana bread recipe so i didn't take step by step pictures (sorry). However, it turned out so BOMB DIGGITY  that i had to share it.  This is the banana bread recipe I have been searching for!  My Quest began over a year ago (see quest).  Im not sure the quest will ever officially be over because I love experimenting…

Honey Date + Pecan Scones

I have been searching for dessert substitutions- trying to get off my sweet kick induced from eating too many oreos over our ski vacation.  Scones have been a great alternative, especially ones like these that are packed with healthy ingredients.  While they still have sugar and flour they also have honey, dates, pecans, and oats.  They are delightful- especially with a cup of coffee.

Sour Cream Peach & Blueberry Cobbler

A lot of frozen fruit and a sweet tooth is the perfect excuse for making cobbler.  Plus a sudden cold front after a warm weekend sealed the deal.  I turned to a cookbook I purchased a year ago, The Blue Bonnet Cafe, that specializes in pies, breads, and cinnamon rolls.  I tweaked the recipe quite a bit just because of what I had around the house, but **sigh** it turned out amazing.  I would argue that it puts Greg's Peach Cobbler up for a challenge - I still need to post this recipe.  Added to the To Do list.

Hoho Cupcakes

Oh if only I could still find a hoho in my lunch box everyday and not see the lbs adding on.  There was something special about hoho's- I think it is because they were my mom's sweet weakness- along with thin mints, mochas and cherry mashes (sorry mom).  Yes, she passed this weakness on to me along with several others centered around chocolate.  Looking for a cure?  Never put anything related to Hostess or Little Debbie in your grocery cart- it has worked for me so far.  But, really hohos are amazing and so are these kick-ass hoho cupcakes!  + they are adorable.

Homemade Nut and Date Granola

Homemade granola is spectacular!  You ask, what makes it so spectacular?  I can think of several reasons: 1.) It is delicious 2.)The sweet smell it fills your house with for the entire day 3.) You can tweak the recipe to match your tastes 4.) Use what you have around the house and get ride of several end of the box ingredients…

Grandma Simmon’s Cinnamon Rolls

There is something about cinnamon rolls that makes me feel warm and fuzzy- it must be the strong association I have with cinnamon rolls and family.   My Grandma Simmons passed away when I was quite young so I don't remember much about her, but I do remember the heavenly cinnamon rolls she was always making in the kitchen.  The family would gather to watch her and the sweet smells would burst out of the house.  Mom recalls grandpa saying there wasn't enough cinnamon on the dough until he could smell it.  So right when you think you have added enough cinnamon go ahead and add a little bit more. I do have one rule for making these cinnamon rolls-- you must make them with a house filled with family or good friends!