How to Paint a Mirror – DIY

Over the weekend I painted a boring brown mirror to a fun shade of mint green.  The best part about painting a mirror is you don't have to tape it off and you can be messy.   Any access paint that ends up on the mirror can be easily scrapped off!

Jeweler’s Chest Turned Jewelry Box – DIY

When it comes to organizing jewelry I have tried everything from hanging jewelry on nails, ice cube trays, several small bowls, various jewelry boxes and a hanging jewelry organizer.  Every time my jewelry has ended up tangled, hidden, lost, broken or it takes up too much space.  Once I found this old jewelers chest tucked away in the back of my basement I knew it was perfect for storing my jewelry today.  My grandfather, who was a watchmaker, made the jeweler's chest and must have worked at it for many years. I love the idea of making it into something that I too will use everyday.

Recover a Chair – DIY

I inherited these fantastic fruitwood chairs from our family friends.  All they needed was a little love with new padding and fabric.  I must admit this was my first time recovering chairs but, with help from my experienced mother I was successful and ended up with beautiful new chairs.

Mason Jar Organizer – DIY

I love organization.   I have dividers in my bathroom drawers and I color coordinate my closet.  Everything needs to have a place and I will fidget with it until it is easy- even the junk drawer.  So obviously anything that gets items off the counter and is still easy to access for everyday use is a HUGE YES for me.  This DIY Mason Jar Organizer does just that!  Gets clutter off the counter and out of the cabinets in a cute and organized way, while making it easy to access.

I do wish I would have spent more time searching for fun antique mason jars but I was on a timeline before the big move to Indianapolis so i just bought these short mason ball jars at Walmart.  If you have time, here is a great article on places to find mason jars for a good price 5 Places to Find Free or Cheap Mason jars.