Succulent Garden: DIY

Plants are a great way to brighten and freshen up your home.  My latest adventure is with succulents- I hear they are extremely easy to care for so I thought I would give them a try! I have been seeing lots of DIYs for concrete planters and was inspired for my garden.  A few of my favorite concrete planter DIYs…

My Top Ten Moving Tricks

1)  Get a plan together early and research your moving options online.  Are you moving yourself? Are you hiring moving helpers ? Or are you having a company take care of your entire move?  We were looking to save money on this move and had time to prepare so we ended up renting a u-haul and separately hired moving helpers from Hire…

Glitter Word Art – DIY

I have been planning this project for 6 months after watching my favorite design show, "Home By the Novogratz".  In one of the episodes artists Camomile Hixon designed some amazing glitter art pieces that made me drool!  I instantly knew her word art was something i had to recreate-  the hardest part was committing to a word!  I wanted a playful word that would make me smile when I looked at it.  I decided on the word "WILD!" because a) life is always better when its a little wild and b) Wild One by Those Darlin's was one of my favorite songs in college- so brings back fun memories.

Ribbon Tassel Garland – DIY

I spotted Confetti System garlands  and fell in love with the  mix of colors and textures.  These garlands are absolutely beautiful, but they come  at a steep $100+ price.  Making them a perfect DIY project to add some color and inspiration to my office.  I decided to go with ribbon vs fabric so the sides wouldn't fringe, but i'm sure if you did some searing you could find the right type of fabric.  I fishtailed the ribbons onto a string and fastened them with a piece of gold metal.

The garland turned out beautifully and I love the playfulness it adds to my work environment.

Guest Post: Thrifty Artwork – DIY

Hello! Lindasy here My roommates and I were lucky to find a huge, amazing apartment in Chicago. However, along with the large size came lots of blank walls. Big pieces of artwork are typically very expensive (and out of our price range!) so I was thrilled to come across this frame at my favorite thrift store for only $5. To fill the frame, I headed to Jo-Ann's and picked up some fabric and gold paint. By re-painting the frame gold and adding patterned fabric as the artwork, I was able to create a thrifty piece of art for our living room and add some decoration to the walls.