Guest Post: Thrifty Artwork – DIY

Hello! Lindasy here My roommates and I were lucky to find a huge, amazing apartment in Chicago. However, along with the large size came lots of blank walls. Big pieces of artwork are typically very expensive (and out of our price range!) so I was thrilled to come across this frame at my favorite thrift store for only $5. To fill the frame, I headed to Jo-Ann's and picked up some fabric and gold paint. By re-painting the frame gold and adding patterned fabric as the artwork, I was able to create a thrifty piece of art for our living room and add some decoration to the walls.

Vintage Finds – Beveled Windows

I found this beautiful pair of beveled windows at an overly crowded vintage store in Cleveland.  I had trouble finding them a home in the apartment, so for now they  are helping to drive the eye up to our tall ceilings by sitting on top of the kitchen cabinets.  Originally I was searching for a stain glass window, but I fell in love with the simplicity and lines of these windows.

Swinging from the Chandalier

I have owned a chandelier for 1 year, 2 months and it just now made it above my table, where it belongs.  I spent an entire year dreaming of owning a chandelier for my apartment after graduation.  Becoming obsessed with the idea I found one and purchased it.  She sat and waited, in a closet, until the day I graduated, entered the working world and moved into an apartment.  Instead of being immediately hung she sat in a corner for 3 months until this weekend my darling brother came and hung her for all to see.

Jeweler’s Chest Turned Jewelry Box – DIY

When it comes to organizing jewelry I have tried everything from hanging jewelry on nails, ice cube trays, several small bowls, various jewelry boxes and a hanging jewelry organizer.  Every time my jewelry has ended up tangled, hidden, lost, broken or it takes up too much space.  Once I found this old jewelers chest tucked away in the back of my basement I knew it was perfect for storing my jewelry today.  My grandfather, who was a watchmaker, made the jeweler's chest and must have worked at it for many years. I love the idea of making it into something that I too will use everyday.

Recover a Chair – DIY

I inherited these fantastic fruitwood chairs from our family friends.  All they needed was a little love with new padding and fabric.  I must admit this was my first time recovering chairs but, with help from my experienced mother I was successful and ended up with beautiful new chairs.

Mason Jar Organizer – DIY

I love organization.   I have dividers in my bathroom drawers and I color coordinate my closet.  Everything needs to have a place and I will fidget with it until it is easy- even the junk drawer.  So obviously anything that gets items off the counter and is still easy to access for everyday use is a HUGE YES for me.  This DIY Mason Jar Organizer does just that!  Gets clutter off the counter and out of the cabinets in a cute and organized way, while making it easy to access.

I do wish I would have spent more time searching for fun antique mason jars but I was on a timeline before the big move to Indianapolis so i just bought these short mason ball jars at Walmart.  If you have time, here is a great article on places to find mason jars for a good price 5 Places to Find Free or Cheap Mason jars.