Floor Planner AKA Sims Real Life

There were a handful of months in my life (around high school) where I dedicated all my time to the game Sims.  My version of Sims looked a bit different then the way it was intended- I would just use cheat codes and build + decorate huge homes.  I loved it!   The game consumed me-  I cant help that…

Stump Side Table Inspiration

Mom and Dad had to cut down a large tree last spring, I was feeling ambitious that day and  made them save part of the trunk so I could make a stump side table.  3 seasons have passed and I still have no side table to show off.  The 1 year mark is quickly approaching so I need to start making moves! So  I have turned to the internet for inspirations... as I do for most things.

Jar Addiction

My fascination with jars began a year ago when I found 2 blue ball jars at an antique shop in Cleveland.  The jar obsession grew when I made this DIY Mason Jar Holder to hold everyday bathroom items like q-tips and cotton balls.  And kept growing when I discovered that if I put healthy items in jars like nuts, quinoa, and oats (ignore the peanut m&m’s) I would be more likely to grab for a jar of nuts than an ugly bag of chips.  What can i say- I'm a sucker for a beautiful display (marketer at heart)!  i also love to buy in bulk so I use the jars to keep a small amount out to access easily

My uncle found out about my love of old jars and has been quick to add some cool pieces to my collection that once belonged to his parents- Thanks Scott!

Glitter Word Art – DIY

I have been planning this project for 6 months after watching my favorite design show, "Home By the Novogratz".  In one of the episodes artists Camomile Hixon designed some amazing glitter art pieces that made me drool!  I instantly knew her word art was something i had to recreate-  the hardest part was committing to a word!  I wanted a playful word that would make me smile when I looked at it.  I decided on the word "WILD!" because a) life is always better when its a little wild and b) Wild One by Those Darlin's was one of my favorite songs in college- so brings back fun memories.

Shades of Blue – Apartment Accents

The littlest decorations around the apartment are always my favorite.

I love finding pieces with a lot of character or  a story.  When not shopping in my families basements or at thrift shops, my favorite place to find fun apartment pieces is Anthropologie. They always have an assortment of fun, sometimes silly, accents for the home.  It is quite easy to get carried away there so I try to stick with items that have a purpose in the house and are not just a decoration.  Here are a few of my favorite new additions to the apartment:

Ribbon Tassel Garland – DIY

I spotted Confetti System garlands  and fell in love with the  mix of colors and textures.  These garlands are absolutely beautiful, but they come  at a steep $100+ price.  Making them a perfect DIY project to add some color and inspiration to my office.  I decided to go with ribbon vs fabric so the sides wouldn't fringe, but i'm sure if you did some searing you could find the right type of fabric.  I fishtailed the ribbons onto a string and fastened them with a piece of gold metal.

The garland turned out beautifully and I love the playfulness it adds to my work environment.

Finding the Perfect Bookends

I didn’t bring many books with me to the new apartment, only favorites and future reads, but I did find 2 amazing sets of bookends.  The book ends are giving me the inspiration I need to refinish my bookshelf that is currently in the state of chipped purple paint.   Although the bookshelf has a long way to go, for now the bookends do a great job of holding it all together and adding a personal touch.

Africa Canvas Photo

I finally took the plunge and ordered one of my Africa photos on canvas.    A Groupon from Canvas On Demand gave me the extra nudge I needed to overcome my fear of the pictures clarity when printed on canvas.  As you can see the picture turned out amazing and I couldn't be more pleased with the color and quality.  I will definitely be ordering more of my photos on canvas in the future...Maybe a future canvas photo wall!