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Our First Real Home

Our First Real Home | vanilla & velvetAfter nearly a 5 month search, we bought a loft/condo (i have no idea what to call it).  We didn’t tell many people, but Greg and I started looking for a place to buy in Atlanta a month or 2 before Thanksgiving.  Yes, normally one would get engaged or married before purchasing a home together… but the timing was right and everything fell into place with a house so we decided to shake things up and do life a bit out of order. Because who made the rules anyway.

Our new place is bright, open, environmentally friendly, and modern.   I fell in love with the unique floor plan, the open concept, the large number of windows and the 2 killer porches.  I can’t wait to get all our goodies in there and turn it into our first real home.  It’s all so surreal and thrilling, and I’ve never felt like more of an adult.  I look forward to sharing some peeks of the process, while we make to our first home!

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  1. Jen

    Congrats Gina!! Your place looks amazing! Can’t wait to see how you decorate it!

    xo, Jen

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