Bits & Pieces

Losing Balance


I have lost myself. Not on purpose… but slowly for the last 5 months I have let go of all the things I love and set a few very bad habits.  One of those things being this blog. Most evenings I was finding myself exhausted on the sofa watching a stupid show, with my computer open…  My excuse – being that work is busy and I needed to relax.  So I’m back and I have set some guidelines to get back on track – hold me to them!

  1. Something active for an hour+ 4 times a week (yoga, walk, jog, bike ride etc.) and  20 min+ yoga on other days
  2. Blog once a week
  3. Cook and bake (each) every week
  4. A massage every other month
  5. Read a book a month (every other work, fun, work, fun)
  6. Wrap up assisting yoga classes – 1 every other week till complete (to finish my yoga teacher training)
  7. Only 4 tv shows a week (Game of Thrones clearly being one of them – so better save for Sunday night)
  8. Meditate 5 times a week

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