Yoga Teacher Training Week 4

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To advance in yoga you have to let go of your ego and agenda – if you stay dedicated advancement will just happen.  Yoga doesn’t care how advanced you are, it cares about what kind of person you are. — wisdom from Damian Domingo, Yoga Teacher and Thai Yoga Massage at Hotlanta Yoga, this weekend

Injuries are probably the most intimidating part of being a yoga instructor.  This week we learned a lot about injuries: where common injuries happen and how to avoid injuries in class.  In the past few weeks we have broken down each asana (posture) and learned which part of the body is most easily injured from misalignment, how to see it, how to speak a student back to safety, and how to adjust it.  Knowing what to look for in my students has made me a lot more confident as a teacher and I know this is an area I will try to learn as much as possible around once teacher training is over

“In yoga you can the only way you can hurt yourself is by ego & form — Your ego is an injury machine” another beautiful quote from Damian.

We also learned about twists, backbends and counter poses.  So what is a counter pose?  It is a pose that returns your spine to a neutral position and your body to center by stretching your spine in the opposite direction from a previous pose – it should never be as deep as the original pose.

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