Want, Love, Do, Wear, Read – 4.19

  • Want: Adeline Adeline, Pashley Britannia Bicycle – how dreamy would it be to ride home from the farmers market with fruits and veggies in basket and wind in your hair.  One day I will get one.
  • Love: Hotlanta Yoga is expanding their studio and has announced that they are hosting teacher training in the fall.  Finally I think I will be able to do teacher training!
  • Do: Armored Diesel Website –   This is my last month before the GMAT so as far as sexy “do’s” go for the month it includes studying and helping my brother in law and sister kick off their company website.  Link to the website will be live soon! (if your looking to buy a new filter for your oil truck)
  • Wear: Anthropologie – Varsity Jacket.  This jacket is taking me back to high school days in a more errr chic way.
  • Read: John Steinbeck- East of Eden.  Crazy book- wish I had more time to read right now.

Want, Love, Do, Wear, Read – 4.19 | Vanilla & Velvet


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  1. Shelby

    ooooh I love hotyoga! I believe they’re on groupon right now :)

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