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Yoga Teacher Training 11/14

Yoga Teacher Training 11/14 | Vanilla & Velvet
Wunder Under Pant *Full-On Luon, Lululemon.  Cool Racorback, Lululemon. The Matt, Lululemon.
Pose: Handstand or Adho Mukha Vrikshasana (sanscrit).  adho= face. mukha = downward. vrksa = tree

I was a bit ambitious thinking I could recap yoga teacher training each week while I am in training all weekend and studying/practice takes up 100% of my free time during the week.  The last weekend is here and I have missed several weeks…

Hearing all of your stories about how my posts have encouraged you to take up yoga or increase your yoga practice makes me extremely happy (keep sharing!) and has made me realize I need to continue expanding out the yoga section of the blog. Which I am crazy excited about! Because as I continue learning about yoga I want to inspire and educate all of you on the benefits and how developing a practice can change your life. Shall we call it Vanilla, Velvet & Vinyasa? Something to think about…

So although my teacher training class ends this Sunday, I plan to build out the blog to cover more yoga topics.  Please let me know if there are any topics you want to see, or if you have any questions about yoga.  Share in the comments section.

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