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Best Week Ever?

Best Week Ever? | Vanilla & Velvet
Yesterday was my 25th birthday and it was the perfect close to one of the best weeks I can ever remember having.  The week was so good I was afraid that if another good thing happened I would explode!  The week just reminds me how fortunate I am and that you can do whatever you want with your life.  You just sometimes have to be persistent and learn to overcome and grow from the set backs.   A few of the highlights:

  • I was accepted into Emory’s Evening MBA program on Tuesday– which starts in 2 weeks!
  • I started my new job and had a great first week.  Same company and boss – just  a shift in responsibilities
  • My blog is gaining in popularity each month and I hit a big milestone last week – hint keep your eyes out for a giveaway!
  • Birthday presents and cards trickled in all week – and the theme to all my birthday cards made me smile: yoga and kittens
  • Greg and I finally went on our first hike in Atlanta – Arabia Mountain Top Trail — and made the goal of 2 hikes a month, lets see if we can stick to it
  • Greg and I split arguably the best tuna melt ever at Savi Provisions
  • Made our favorite dinner on Friday – Flank Steak & Veggie Stirfry
  • These awesome new birthday  yoga pants that dry crazy fast  - they were drenched when I left the studio and almost completely dry after my 10 minute drive home (Thanks Ellen!)
  • Made it to lots of yoga classes at Hotlanta Yoga and Damien hosted one of the most kick-ass classes ever on Sunday
  • A huge bouquet of fresh Birthday flowers
  • Greg and I stumbled upon the Fever Tree tonic water we fell in love with in London which we couldn’t find anywhere in the states – you can buy it here
  • Birthday dinner at Greg and my favorite Atlanta Italian restaurant – La Tavola
  • One of my best friends is visiting next week!
  • Made a pie – my first fresh cherry pie.  Which is hard to believe since cherry pie is my favorite pie! – recipe coming soon

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  1. katie

    Congrats on your acceptance into Emory’s MBA program! It was great to meet you at #SBSCon and I can’t wait to follow the blog.

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