Our Home: Updated Bar

My love for our bar has grown deeper with the additions we made over the last couple months.
Two years ago I inherited several great items from family and friends to help kick start my first apartment.  I have now been trying to mix those great pieces with new items – toying with the  fine balance of modern vs vintage.  I really like how this space turned out & I hope to master this vintage meets modern balance throughout my home.
See what the bar looked like 6 months ago, here.
Our Home: Updated Bar | Vanilla & VelvetTray: Room & Board Open End Steel Tray | Posters: Etsy PeteKDesign Ace of Spade Prints | Frames: 20x30in Ikea Frames | Wine Rack: VintageView 18 Bottle Metal Hanging Wine Rack | Rug: One Kings Lane (sold out) | Chairs: inherited from my mothers parents | Breakfast buffet: inherited from fathers parents | Whiskey Glasses: Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Old Fashioned/Whiskey, Whiskey Decanters: inherited from my uncle.
Our Home: Updated Bar | Vanilla & Velvet
Lots of goodies on the bar tray!  We searched for the right tray for many months-  a modern design to contrast the wood of the breakfast buffet. I decided on the white Room & Board Open End Steel Tray and it is perfect.
Our Home: Updated Bar | Vanilla & Velvet
I fell in love with these cute paper straws on Etsy- PuppyCatCrafts and purchased the WIN-WARE Boston Cocktail cocktail shaker set a few months back and  I have to admit I have been slaking on making fancy drinks – but the day is coming soon.
Our Home: Updated Bar | Vanilla & Velvet
We went back and forth before making a decision on the right whiskey glass for us – between a vintage whiskey set or a clean and basic.  The basic set won- our bar is already filled with lots of vintage goodies so a classic whiskey glass that you can easily throw in the dishwasher without concern made these, Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Old Fashioned/Whiskey, the winner.
Our Home: Updated Bar | Vanilla & Velvet
This wine rack was an impulsive purchase.  One minute we decided we wanted some type of wine rack and the next we were at 4th & Swift for dinner falling in love with their wine display. Shortly after I found this copy-cat display on Amazon – pretty sure it is an exact match- they just had several more racks.
Our Home: Updated Bar | Vanilla & Velvet
Stole these delicate little chairs from my mothers house. They are the prettiest chairs around!
Our Home: Updated Bar | Vanilla & Velvet
You can see more of our condo in the new series “Our Home

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  1. Shelby

    That wine holder is amazing! It’s got such a great modern feel, I love it!

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