Our Home: Pantry

When we moved into our new space the one thing it was missing was kitchen storage – and for someone who stock piles food (me) a pantry is a must.  We did have an awkward nook between the laundry closet and kitchen so we decided it was the perfect place to install a few shelves for a homemade pantry.  It takes discipline to only store pretty items on the exposed shelves – so I decided my collection of old jars made the perfect touch!  Now I just need to label them so i’m not confusing the multiple types of rice.
Our Home: Pantry | Vanilla & Velvet
I have to admit, we didn’t really follow any strict instructions for this DIY – it was more of a lets do it and see how it goes.

  • Sturdy boards for the shelf – we had 3 (cut to size)
  • stain & paint brush
  • sand paper
  • leveler
  • measuring tape
  • 4 shelf brackets per shelf (we had a total of 12)
  • 2 screws and fasteners per shelf bracket (we had a total of 24)

Measure the space of your nook – length, width, and depth – so you know the amount and size of shelves before heading to the hardware store.  And remeasure – just in case.  We went to Home Depot because they will cut the wood to size on sight.  Once you have your wood sand and stain it – I was going for a natural look so I used 2 coats of a natural stain. Let shelves rest over night.  Once shelves are dry use a measuring tape and the leveler to figure out where you want the shelves and then where the brackets will go.  Now things can get tricky if you are working with a small , deep space like we were because you are screwing the bracket into the shelf (we only did this to 2 of the brackets)- so once its in you cant move the shelf to make it easier to place the 2nd and 3rd shelf.  So start with the Top shelf – get it screwed in and then move to the middle shelf, then the bottom.

Our Home: Pantry | Vanilla & Velvet
The goodies from Home Depot – luckily we got a deal on a nicer grade of wood than I was planning to purchase.
Our Home: Pantry | Vanilla & Velvet
Our Home: Pantry | Vanilla & Velvet

Our Home: Pantry | Vanilla & Velvet

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