Picture Wall Collage – DIY

Big day!  The wall collage is finally complete – or at least until I get an urge to tweak and move around frames.  This project has been in the works for many months.  I didn’t rush finding art because I wanted each piece to make me feel happy and inspired — now looking at my collection it is clear that I am looking to be inspired to travel (lots of maps!).
Picture Wall Collage - DIY | Vanilla & Velvet
Framing was my least favorite part of this project- I knew framing was expensive so  I attempted to frame a few items on my own… this side project didn’t go as well as I hope so I invested in the professionals.  It is worth the money- a good frame and matte can drastically change a picture.
Picture Wall Collage - DIY | Vanilla & Velvet
Once my collection of art was framed and ready for hanging I measured the dimensions of each piece and the wall my collage was going to hang on.  I then I turned to photoshop to play around with different placements.  I went through several mock-ups before landing where the collage is today.  When playing around with the placement I found myself attracted to diagonal lines vs lining up the edges of frames.  I also tried to place the art with small details near the bottom so it would not get lost up high.
Picture Wall Collage - DIY | Vanilla & Velvet
When it came to hanging, I placed the large frames first and tried to get something up in each corner.  This helped me  see the entire wall from the beginning.  To hang the pictures I used this 50 Piece Assorted Picture Hook Kit, a hammer, a leveler, and a stud finder (for the large pictures).  If you are new to hanging pictures I recommend checking out this video: Hang Pictures on a Wall.   And don’t worry about mistakes!  Nothing a little spakle and drops of paint cant fix.

Hopefully this corner of the collage will inspire Greg and I to travel lots.
I am in love with the giraffe print from the Animal Print Shop — it is hard to not want every picture from the shop. Right now I am dangerously close to purchasing the American Buffalo print.
Greg and I are both originally from Cleveland so it’s not a home without some Ohio love.

psst.  you can see more of our home in a new series I added to the blog: Our Home

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  1. Ashley T

    I love finding fellow ATL bloggers! :) Your collage wall turned out great. I always forget how pricey frames can get.. I’m definitely not savy enough to build my own from scratch!

  2. Chiara Faella

    Great Post!!!Amazing Blog!!!
    I’m Your New Follower!!!
    Chiara xx

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