Our Home: Bedroom

Still a lot to do in the bedroom, but I was so excited about our new art that I had to give you a peek. The bedroom has come together very slowly (ahem we moved here in June).  And it is not complete- notice we have no night stands, Greg is actually using a tv tray with a towel on top. Classy.  I am searching for the perfect midcentury nightstands (preferably on craigslist) and I will wait, no matter how long it takes.

I thought about buying this beach photograph for many months- so long that I actually taped off the dimensions on the wall and a printed picture of it.   Once I found those cute blue pillow shams the decision was made.  And who doesn’t want to fall asleep next to the beach every night? I just love it!
Our Home: Bedroom | Vanilla & Velvet
Pillow Shams:  DwellStudio, Sonia Floral Marine Standard Shams | Photograph: Max Wagner, Tulum  | Rug: N/A |
Our Home: Bedroom | Vanilla & Velvet
This rug was a gift from my brother, Paul, when he was station in Afghanistan.  I was in high school when he was stationed there and today it is still hard to believe that it actually happened.
Our Home: Bedroom | Vanilla & Velvet
I think they are just the cutest pillow shams. + I saw them star in Marnie from “Girls” bedroom last week.
Our Home: Bedroom | Vanilla & Velvet
This was on our wall for about 3 months.  I was being extremely indecisive, and wanted to visualize what it would look like.

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