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Yoga + Beer

What goes better together than yoga and beer? Normally, my answer would be “just about anything”.  However, I just got back from attending a yoga class at the Sun King Brewery and if someone asked me this question right now my answer would be “Nothing!” A little beer tasting post a fun yoga class is hard to top.

The Sunking Brewery is located in a warehouse downtown Indianapolis, it is a large open space exploding with smells of what I imagine to be roasted barley, but I’m no beer expert so the smell might be generated from something else completely…  I love practicing yoga in new spaces- from the beaches in Italy to a roofless church in New Harmony– and this has to be one of the most unique environments I have practiced in.  There is something exhilarating about practicing in a new environment or even just outside of your enclosed studio walls.  It brings on new sensations and I find it creates an openness that is nonexistent when practicing in a familiar place, I think this is because you have to be open to the new experience, the new smells, sounds, environment etc.

Yoga + Beer via Vanilla & Velvet

Setting up for class! Staraya, in purple, was our instructor and she did a fantastic job of handling all the different levels.

Yoga + Beer via Vanilla & Velvet

 A little Triangle pose.

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