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Pop Art Girl Halloween Costume: DIY

Happy Halloween!

A couple days before Halloween I found out that our office takes the holiday extremely seriously.  I didn’t have time to order materials or search stores to make a costume so I was extremely excited when I found this Pop Art Girl Halloween Costume tutorial that wouldn’t require me going to the store.

Pop Art Girl Halloween Costume: DIY |

To create this Pop Art Girl Halloween Costume I made my own sign with three layers of paper and a safety pin.  On a  white square piece of paper I drew small blue dots, on the second layer I cut out a yellow zigzag shape and outlined it with black permanent marker.  For the top layer I wrote the word “POW!” in bubble letters on red paper, outlined it, cut it out and glued all the layers together.  For the makeup I followed Emma Pickles Pop Art/Comic Book Makeup Tutorial with a few of my own touches.
Pop Art Girl Halloween Costume: DIY |
The Pop Art Inspiration
Pop Art Girl Halloween Costume: DIY |
I used my normal concealer and face powder- luckily I am naturally pale!
Pop Art Girl Halloween Costume: DIY |
I’d love to hear what your favorite halloween costume was this year.  Tell me in the Comments section!

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  1. Jasmin Snyder

    wow! That’s amazing! I’m way too lazy to dress up for halloween unless forced, but I appreciate the amazing homemade costumes people come up with.

  2. Andrew Hernandez

    Very cool! Couldn’t tell it was you!

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  5. Jenny Rose

    wow that was amazing! liked it…. :)

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  7. Angelina

    This is such a great and quick idea – found it via Pinterest. I have a costume, it’s mainly makeup, set for a party this Saturday, but wasn’t expecting to actually dress up for Halloween day itself. I’ll try this out for some variety, LOL! Awesome job!

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