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Jar Addiction

My fascination with jars began a year ago when I found 2 blue ball jars at an antique shop in Cleveland.  The jar obsession grew when I made this DIY Mason Jar Holder to hold everyday bathroom items like q-tips and cotton balls.  And kept growing when I discovered that if I put healthy items in jars like nuts, quinoa, and oats (ignore the peanut m&m’s) I would be more likely to grab for a jar of nuts than an ugly bag of chips.  What can i say- I’m a sucker for a beautiful display (marketer at heart)!  i also love to buy in bulk so I use the jars to keep a small amount out to access easily

My uncle found out about my love of old jars and has been quick to add some cool pieces to my collection that once belonged to his parents- Thanks Scott!

Jar Addiction and kitchen organization  |

It all began with these first 2 blue jars.

Jar Addiction and kitchen organization  |

Snapshot of part of the collection.  Today the jars are hidden away in a cupboard- cant wait till I have an exposed shelf to show-off my collection!  In the mean time I will continue pinning jar displays to Pinterest on my kitchen board.  Below are a couple of my favorites:

Jar Addiction and kitchen organization  |

Via Rick_Poon Instagram Account: I love how the jars add a splash of color to what would be a boring part of the kitchen.

Jar Addiction and kitchen organization  |

Via Light Locations: Love the white subway tiles tiles here.

Check out how to make a diy mason jar organizer (step by step directions included).  I  store q-tips, cotton balls, floss and makeup sponges in mine!

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  1. Scott

    Great collection. Thanks for sharing.

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