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Floor Planner AKA Sims Real Life

There were a handful of months in my life (around high school) where I dedicated all my time to the game Sims.  My version of Sims looked a bit different then the way it was intended- I would just use cheat codes and build + decorate huge homes.  I loved it!   The game consumed me-  I cant help that the idea of designing a dream home is at the top of my list.

So once I signed a lease for my new home over the weekend (Yay!) I immediately turned to Floor Planner  AKA Sims Real Life.  The program brought me back to my Sims days and I drained several hours of my day playing with room layouts…  Things were a bit tricky because I do not have the dimensions of the condo- so I estimated and looked at the 5 photos I do have.  I think Im close, but I will have to tweak it once we get measurements.  One of my favorite parts about the program is how you can change the size of the furniture to match yours!  Amazing.

If possible, I am now more excited then ever for the big move.  Next steps, finding movers and packing up all my goods.  Count down: Less than two months!

Floor Planner AKA Sims Real Life | Vanilla & Velvet
Here is a 2d version of the mock up- this is the screen you work on.

Floor Planner AKA Sims Real Life |
And here is the 3d version – you can not work in this mode but it gives everything a more realistic feel.

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  1. Maggie

    HAHAHA “Sims real life”!

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