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Conference Life – Connections 2013

Conference Life - Connections 2013 | Vanilla & Velvet
A glimpse into my work life, conference style.  Meet Connections— 4 days, 6,000 attendees, 3 keynotes (Condoleezza Rice, Jim Colin, Walter Isaacson), 1 music festival (Avett Brothers, Imagine Dragons, D.J. Casey Conner), 1 Cloud Crawl, 1 Expo hall, and much much more.  At this years conference my life was the Marketing Cloud Expo. Translation: 60 sponsor booths, 3 pairs of flat shoes, 4 dresses, hydrating with water and lots of caffeine, 5 hours of sleep per night, swollen ankles, a large smile, and answering hundreds of questions each day.  Connections, and conferences in general are fantastic, but you need to be prepared.  So here are a few of my tips for a 1st time conference attendee:

  1. Shoe inserts- for high heels and flats
  2. Different styles of shoes – so if you get a blister one day, you have another pair that will work
  3. Conference dresses – several simple dresses you can jazz up with jackets, jewelry, and shoes.  I always pack 1 or 2 extra outfits
  4. Casual, but still appropriate, clothes for night
  5. Keep your phone and computer charger on you during the day (an E battery is no good!)
  6. Bandaids- the cloth kind (last longer)
  7. Neosporin- to help those blisters heal and stay infection free
  8. Vitamin boosts- my favorites include green juice and Emergen-C
  9. Asprin for those pesky headaches
  10. Easy hair styles – I usually try to go with a similar hair style each day so people don’t have a problem remembering me.  When you are meeting hundreds of people a day a drastic hair change could cause confusion
  11. A professional computer bag for the day and a small shoulder bag for night
  12. Smile, ask questions, be nice, learn and have fun

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