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Caring for our Kitty, Felix

Lately I have been asked about how I care for Felix, my Ragdoll Kitty Cat.  I don’t consider myself much an expert because he is my first cat, but since people are curious I thought I would share our day to day and favorite products.

I’d love to hear about your favorite products!
Caring for our Kitty, Felix | Vanilla & Velvet

  1. Hair Brush: Felix has soft long hair, it does not require brushing because his hair doesn’t not tangle, but we do brush his hair to keep the shedding to a minimum.  I have found that the FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for large cats does this best and he loves it.
  2. Litter Box: When it comes to the litter box he enjoys kicking the litter up so we use a box with a lid.  I purchased the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box in Taupe thinking it would be easier to clean than your normal scoop litter box.  However, after about a month I started treating  it as a normal box and scooped instead of turning it on the side.  Just keeps things cleaner- and I actually think it is easier.  I try to scoop everyday or at least every other day.  And every month or 2 I will dump the litter and clean things out with vinegar and a rag.  I hide his litter box under a shelf and behind a curtain, but I am trying to convince greg to make something similar to this hidden litter box from hauspanther .
  3. Litter: We use Tidy Cat Immediate Odor Control that clumps for multiple cats- still only have one cat, but thats what his previous owner used so I just kept buying it.  Plus it hides the smell extremely well.
  4. Broom: With a cat, dog or any furry animal you need this broom. My favorite is the Bissell Arrgh Pet Hair Broom, it is design for hair and takes care of the job.
  5. Scratching Post: Felix has all his claws so I decided to invest in a sturdy scratching post and I am very glad I did.  He loves his SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post and uses is multiple times a day. I trained him to use the scratch post by scratching his front paws on it and then I rubbing cat nip on it (to attract him).  When i noticed him using it I would give him some treats.
  6. Claw Clipper: Luckily Felix is relatively easy when it comes to getting his nails clipped.  He does vocalize that he isn’t having fun but he gets through it without too much fuss. We just use a generic cat nail clipper, you can get the Ultimate Touch Cat Claw Clipper for around $5.00 on Amazon.
  7. Toys:   Felix loves playing fetch so all his toys are throwable.  I’d have to say his favorite toy is a crumpled up piece of paper.  He also enjoy chasing around Furry Rattle Mice and other toys that glide on the wood floors.
  8. Food: Im not as good of a mama as I should be when it comes to food, I had been trying out a few different types- which I know isn’t great to do, but I did.  We now use Natural Balance Dry Cat Food, Ultra Premium Formula and I’m going to try to stick with it.
  9. Treats: His favorite treats are Friskies Original Crunch Party Mix Cat Treats.  I really only feed him treats after clipping his nails and when I was training him to use the scratch post and litter box.

We do not have a bed for felix, but he has claimed greg’s suitcase as his favorite sleeping spot.  Along with computers, iPads and channel clickers; what can i say- he has expensive taste in beds.

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