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Blog Goals: After Reading How to Blog for Profit

Every year at work my job seems to go through a change that forces me to step back and reanalyze my goals and projects.  This disruption helps me get out of my day to day and look at the larger picture- often times putting myself in my stakeholders shoes.

I realized I need to do the same with Vanilla & Velvet so to get out of my “norm” I read my first blogger book, How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul).  As I look back at my time blogging I can’t believe this was the first blogger book I have read- I was consumed with the idea of my blog not having a chance to be successful until I had a library of content to work with.  No excuse now-  3 years of content is here!

Blog Goals: After Reading How to Blog for Profit |

I wanted to share my plans for Vanilla and Velvet with you, my readers, and I’d love to know if there is anything more  or less that you would like to see.

  • Launch a Vanilla & Velvet Facebook Page (launched) “Like” the page if you want to receive updates via Facebook!
  • Add a Series tab including “Want, Love, Do, Wear, Read” and other new series
  • Add a new monthly series called “Favorite Links”, bring to you my favorite online finds each month
  • Add a page called ” Atlanta”, list of my favorite studios, restaurants and more in Atlanta
  • Get over the fear of myself and post pictures of my day to day fashion
  • Amp up my I <3 Blogs page- add images and discuss what makes them each a favorite
  • Work on subscription based emails and opt-ins
  • Create a prettier Recipe Index, with pictures and easy navigation
  • Use a blog calendar- and plan posts ahead of time
  • Set aside time to brainstorm blog ideas twice a month
  • Increase amount of blog posts to 2ish per week

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