Herb Butter Cubes- Preserving Herbs

I love my herbs, but I hate how they flourish in the summer and barely produce, if they stay alive, in the winter.  My trick for keeping summer herbs throughout the winter is freezing the herbs with butter/oil in an ice cube tray.  Freezing the herbs in butter reduces some of the browning and freezer burn that herbs can get if placed straight into the freezer.
Herb Butter Cubes- Preserving Herbs |

Herb Butter Cubes- Preserving Herbs
Author: Gina Mueller
  • Chop 2 tbs leaves from Herb of choice, remove stems and wash
  • 1/2 cup butter (or olive oil, 2 cup leaves for every 1/2 cup olive oil)
  1. Stir together chopped herb leaves and butter until thoroughly mixed. You could also put the oil/butter and leaves in a food processor, I normally do this with basil because I make pesto a lot. Make whatever best suits your use of herbs.
  2. Place butter/oil mixture in an ice cub tray- add a little at a time and tap the tray against the counter to avoid air bubbles and get the mixture to the bottom.
  3. Freeze over night, remove from ice cube tray, wrap in wax paper, and label. If you don’t have an ice cube tray another option is to place the herb mixture in a 1-quart ziplock bag, flatten and spread mixture to make a thin layer. I normally store my pesto like this because I use more than one cube when cooking with pesto.
  4. Best if used in 6 months.

Herb Butter Cubes- Preserving Herbs |
Pick your herbs- I had thyme and oregano on hand, but any herbs will work!Herb Butter Cubes- Preserving Herbs |
Clean herbs, remove leaves from the stem and chop.Herb Butter Cubes- Preserving Herbs |
Mix herbs and butter together.Herb Butter Cubes- Preserving Herbs |
Spread butter mixture into an ice cube tray- tap it against the counter to remove bubbles and fill holes.
Herb Butter Cubes- Preserving Herbs |
I place wax paper over the butter ice cube tray before placing it in the freezer- just to protect it.Herb Butter Cubes- Preserving Herbs |
Fronzen butter cubes- pop them out of the tray
Herb Butter Cubes- Preserving Herbs |
These butter cubes will be great to use when I next roast a chicken, or tis the season for turkey!
Herb Butter Cubes- Preserving Herbs |
For storage, I wrap the her butter cubes in wax paper and label them so they are easy to find later.

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