Industrial Pipe Desk – DIY

Now that I am working from home a couple days a week I’ve been shopping around for a well made desk that wouldn’t break the budget.  I found desks were either extremely expensive and well made, decently priced with fake wood, or just cheap in price and quality.  I love a bargain, but I hate purchasing “cheap quality” goods and I just wasn’t finding the right desk.   So I decided to turn to a cast iron plumbing pipe DIY desk.
Everything for this project can be picked up at Home Depot or your local hardware store.  Id recommend looking for a used piece of wood for the desk top.  I found a used 50″ x 27″x1.5″ table leaf for $15 in the back room of Paris on Ponce, a fun consignment store with modern and antique items right on Atlanta’s Beltline.
With a reused piece of wood this project should cost less than $100.
Industrial Pipe Desk - DIY |
Industrial Pipe Desk Supplies
Desk assembly directions from  Mary Bicycles

  • 1 x48″ long 3/4″ wide black pipe
  • 4×18″ long 3/4′ wide black pipe
  • 8×8″ long 3/4″ wide black pipe
  • 6×3/4″ black tees
  • 8×3/4″ black flanges/feet
  • Goo Gone
  • wood (mine was 50″ x 27″x1.5″ )
  • 16 3/4 in wood screws

Industrial Pipe Desk Directions
Use Goo Gone and a rag to remove all price tags and stickiness.  Assemble 1 18″ pipe to a  tee and a 8″ pipe to the other side of the tee, creating a straight line– do not tighten the pipes until the very end. Repeat with the other 3 18in pipes, tees and 8″ pipes.  Take the 4 8″ pipes and attach them to the 2 remaining black tees, just like before– a straight line.  Take 2 of the long assembled pipes (2 legs) and 1 short assembled pipe (the support) and connect to form 2 legs, it will look like an “H”. Repeat.  Then connect the middle tee on the 2 supports to the 48″ pipe.  Attach the 8 flanges to the ends and l tighten all of the pipes.  You will need some muscle, and patience for adjustments for the final tighten
We decided not to refinish our piece of wood, but you might want to depending on your piece.  Place the wood for your desk top on the ground, top side on the ground.  Flip the assembled pipe legs upside down and place on wood.  Center, and screw flanges into place.
Industrial Pipe Desk - DIY |
Be prepared to get dirty at the store – the pipes will likely have grease on them.  Once you get home, find a movie and a comfortable seat to peel off the stickers… it will take some time.
Industrial Pipe Desk - DIY |
Assemble pipes according to the directions above- you can always use different size pipes to fit your desk top.  Flip onto the bottom of the wood and screw into place.
Industrial Pipe Desk - DIY |
Screw into place- make sure your screw are not longer than the width of your board.
Industrial Pipe Desk - DIY |
Side view
Industrial Pipe Desk - DIY |
Have you tried out any plumbing pipe DIYs?  I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section!

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  1. Kristen Hamerstadt

    i love this! always wanted to make a pipe desk!

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  3. Jay


    Thank you providing the photos, I am thinking of making a similar desk. The parts you have used, I believe are readily available at any big box hardware store. In my searches, I also came across another type of product called ‘kee klamps’ which could be another option to use, albeit pricier than the big box hardware stores.

    Its an interesting, yet simple project I am anxious to get started on. I also found various table tops available at IKEA stores, if you have one local to visit. Rest, I’m sure any lumber store can supply 2X4 or 2×6, 2X8, joining them together then putting a glasstop could work out as well :-)

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